Forceful sex. Is it necessary?

forceful sexForceful sex — does asking for sex spoil it?  Perhaps it’s better to take it. SEETHINGS continues…

Forceful sex excerpt begins here: Yeah, like I’m going to leave my comfortable position to do that. I’ve been unnecessarily been accommodating your kind for too long. I take a hold of the top of the bed head with both hands and begin to extract myself from her—letting her believe I’ll help her out. Instead of withdrawing entirely, I plough back into her using my body mass and the power in my legs and arms to shunt her forward again. She shouts as her head slowly slides forward, passing under the bar—grips it, tries to push backwards—it’s useless. I can’t get her through. The fit is so tight. Damn! It should’ve worked. The pain must be excruciating. We’re stuck and it’s a stalemate!

The noise coming from the other side of the bar is terribly annoying. She’s wailing, pleading for me to stop and all I want to do is keep going. I’m too determined to allow her to go back. The awkwardness of it all makes me I realise that this situation is not unlike the one a man finds himself in when he’s confronted with an apprehensive virgin. He’s wants to push on—discomfort and uncertainty has her holding him back.

It’s been a long time since Nina was a virgin and she’d be the first one to say that it’s not all bad once you get through. She once said to me, “Mitchell, if a girl wasn’t ready, she wouldn’t find herself in that situation in the first place. Besides, it’ll happen one day, so it might as well be now. She’s ready and she just doesn’t know it.”

She was absolutely right of course—she’s got the perfect insight. Of course, she was always a horny teenager and too much barely satisfied. Her advice was logical though—all virgins stopped being virgins at one point or another and somebody made that happen. I remember my first time. From a male’s perspective it was equally overwhelming to step into this strange, wonderful new world—but it didn’t change anything. The drive took me there—the inevitable was inevitable and I wasn’t a virgin anymore.

Nina’s like a virgin again—screaming, pleading for me to stop—believing that such a big thing won’t fit into such a small space. She needs reminding that the pain she feels is only part of a natural process—one that’ll pass—the inevitable is always inevitable. After all, she put herself in this situation and she’s ready. She just doesn’t know it.

“It’ll only hurt once dear,” I said calmly.

I pull out a little and then give her body one more shove from behind, watching her head scrape on the underside of the bar.

“My ears! My ears Mitchell!”

I can hear the awkward sounds of her flesh compress against the steel. I can see her right ear crumple backwards as it passes beneath it.

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