Take a trip to the unspoken, darkest regions of wedded bliss as Mitchell and Sam Felding uncover a secret within their marriage neither have the power to speak of or overcome. 

They started out innocently enough. Mitchell and Samantha were the best of friends and they soon fell in love. When they dated, celibacy proved their love was strong and meaningful. It was meant to solidify their future and make their wedding night extra special. The night turned out to be a disaster and their future is slowly being torn apart by a sexless, loveless marriage.

And in a storm enraged city a vile creature grows stronger, hunting innocent victims on nights of the great storms. Mitchell’s a cameraman. He may have witnessed something while photographing lightning. Did he see something in the darkness? Will his wife believe him when he tries to tell her what he thinks he knows?

Will the killer known as Kurdaitcha be caught?

The Beast has only Mitchell to stop the carnage.

Michael Forman Author Hi. I’m Michael Forman, author of SEETHINGS. Thanks for staying on. I’m excited to have you… and I’ve have had a great time bringing SEETHINGS out of the shadows so you can see it. SEETHINGS was at the root of my goal to put love, sex and death on a reader’s lap, to have them so close that a lover’s final breath will land upon their face. I wanted readers to shudder at its realism. SEETHINGS goes to places within relationships that no other novel goes to. It’s deeply confronting, challenging and it doesn’t hold back. You will be shocked.

If it were a meal then this novel wouldn’t be finger food. It’s a few main meals, some desserts, wine, port, brandy and a bottomless cup of coffee! You’ll spend time chewing this one. You may make yourself violently ill over it.

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Michael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS)

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