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SEETHINGS novel by Michael Forman

Until death do us part…

Ever wanted to know what a man is really thinking?

Men think all the time. It’s what they think about that keeps them silent. 

Women tell men to speak and the truth will set you free – but men know that this kind of freedom isn’t pain free.

Sacrifice what, you ask? What does a man sacrifice for a woman he loves? Why does he remain true to his manly responsibilities and remain silent?

SEETHINGS isn’t for the faint hearted. Its truth stings. This is the legacy of the narrative. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

Synopsis: A series of wild sexual encounters between Mitchell Felding and his old flame, equally sex-hungry mistress Nina, leave the pages awash in sadistic lust. Five women perish during the affair and there’s no apparent link to any of them or the affair. Mitchell thinks he knows the answer – from those nights he disappears into the darkness and photographs the great storms of Brisbane…

Gidday. I’m Michael Forman, author of SEETHINGS. Welcome. I hope you weren’t scared off by that introduction. It’s pretty heavy stuff, right? I know, but life  gets like that sometimes. I guess you’re not too put-off by it, otherwise you wouldn’t be down here reading this too to find out what more I’ve got to say.

So, hi! Thanks for staying on. I’m so excited to have you here, well, ….not in a gay-musical, kiss-kiss, hug-hug kinda way, but in a nice, gentlemanly tip-of-my-hat kind of way. I’m lucky to have you here and I wanted you to know that.

I’ve had a great time putting SEETHINGS together and I’m certain you’ll enjoy reading it. You’ll need patience and a strong heart but I promise… the end is to die for!

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Right now I can tell you that SEETHINGS is available in Paperback and Kindle versions. The paperback is avail here and the Kindle version is here.

If you don’t have a Kindle reader don’t worry too much, Kindle will provide you with an app (for free) for your phone or tablet so you can start reading right away. It’s available on the same page you order SEETHINGS from. You’re only seconds away from seeing things our protagonist’s way.

-Michael Forman (Author)Michael Forman Author



  1. I think I made it. I love getting your book in emails.