Violent outburst in the counselling room.

Violent outburst as Mitchell turns his knife towards Tony. We can all get angry at some point. How much would it take to push you over the edge? Violent outburst is today’s posting from chapter five. Please enjoy Violent outburst, today’s excerpt from SEETHINGS.

Violent outburst at knifepoint“What kind of god would want that? Does he like hurting and torturing people?”

“I’m not—”

“—it’s not god who makes up this stupid fucking rule, is it? It’s people who do that. She used god as her excuse. And every month we do the same old dance over here so we can uphold her stupid ideal. She sought you out, a man of god, because she needed someone sympathetic like you who’d support her agenda.”

“No, that’s—”

“—that’s exactly what’s been happening. She’s got nowhere left to move and she wants help from you. She wants a clean-cut Christian male to explain to me why I need to back off. You’ve been her puppet all along, just like me!”

“God has many—”

“—but you can’t be a puppet, can you? You also see how absurd this is, don’t you? God never spoke to Sam and told her to be celibate. It’s fucking ludicrous to suggest that god would want to torture a man this way! She lied!”

“He might be trying to—”

“—what? Have a plan? Yeah, right! You and Sam make a great double act. What fucking plan calls for this much pain?”


“—enough! I’ve heard enough from you! You haven’t helped. Not one bit. And God is either one sick fuck or Sam’s using him so she can manipulate me. Which one is it? Are you a manipulating liar too?”

He leant in and whispered into my ear, tapping his knife on my shoulder, “You have the ear of god, don’t you Tony? You could send him a message from me, right?”

“Mitchell! Stop this! This insane! You don’t have to do this. Surely there’s a better way. Surely there is someone else who can help you?”

I twisted my head towards my shoulder, “I can give you the name of someone—”

“—no!” Mitchell yelled, standing up. “You failed! You failed big time! How could you let me down like that? You didn’t fix it! You promised!”

“I’m only trying to—”

“—and if I go away now and let you live you’ll believe everything’s all right. You go on believing that what you’re doing for people is good. I can’t let you do that. I can’t let you go. It’s not right. We trusted you! You need to know you’re wrong. You’re a fraud and your misguided counselling is hurting people. This is bad Tony, so, so very bad!”


“—no! You just shut up and listen to me! You and that frosty wife of mine have had the lion’s share of talk-time here. It’s time you sat and listened to me for once!”

I tried to appear calm but fear overwhelmed me. My forearms and wrists were lashed to the armrests of the chair and my legs were bound to its legs. My torso was bound to the seat and another length of cord was lashed around my neck to the headrest. There was a throbbing pain behind my right ear. I think that’s where he hit me.

Even if I managed to break free I didn’t know what to do about that knife. He was holding it tight, jabbing it towards me at every chance. All I could do was hope for something to change. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to clear my head. I remembered Mitchell arriving with a backpack. I opened my eyes. There it was at the foot of the chair opposite me. He’d never brought in a backpack before. He must’ve had the knife and the rope in there. What weren’t clear to me were his intentions. Poking a knife into my shoulder and asking me to take a message to God told me what I didn’t want to believe.

“If… if you want me to listen to you, Mitchell, you’ll have to slow down a bit. I want you to tell me what’s on your mind, perhaps we can—”

“—fuck you Tony! What’s wrong with you! I am telling you!” He roared. He jumped in front of me and stuck his knife right into my face, “You’re the messenger now! I’m not asking for a point of fucking view! I’m delivering you my very personal message!”

He waved the knife at the window and then pointed it back between my eyes, “Out there is a world of people who are hurting. In this room is a different world, full of lies and deception. You think you can help those people out there by dispensing bits of wisdom—but in here but you keep the vital parts to yourself.”

He lunged in and his left hand gripped hard onto my right forearm. He was so forceful that my arm pained as it supported most of his weight. The point of his knife kept me from feeling most of it.

“But let me tell you, it’s all coming undone!”

Violent outburst is an excerpt from SEETHINGS – a novel by Michael Forman, available soon. Violent outburst is one of several hundred excerpts that you can now read by accessing these links. The chapter where Violent outburst is extracted from starts here. The beginning of all excerpts/chapters ahead of Violent outburst is here. The synopsis of the novel is here. Subscribe to blog by clicking on the subscribe button on the lower part of this page.

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    Here is a news item that arrived today that refers to a psychiatrist being convicted of manslaughter. His patient went and murdered someone.