Rings and Things.


You have a big dream before you. You know you want great shots that show how spectacular that dream is. You want a finely crafted, leather-bound story book of it that will never date, will never feel unfashionable. You want one where its spine will squeak a little as your fingertips lift its rich-smelling cover.

This is the first real storybook of you and your partner… something to put into your library, forever. This piece will be the one thing you’ll happily draw out time and time again to show your friends, your family, your children.

Right now you’ve got questions, lot’s of them. Where, when, how, how much… etc.

Some answers can be easily given, some require more information.

Our work is part art, part wedding planner, part public relations and crowd control. Other wedding service providers look after segments of the day but the photographer goes where you go, stays with you throughout the largest portion of the day… then again for the largest period of time after the day is over. Our’s is an intimate service, a highly tailored one.

Short answers to simple questions:

  • Q. When should you book a photographer?
    • A. As soon as you’ve a permanent wedding date.
  • Q. How long does your photographer stay at the wedding?
  • A. As long as needed. The choice is yours.
  • Q. How much will it cost?
  • A. Depends on how long you want us and where you want us to go.

There are other issues that vary the price. Larger storybooks with more story-lines will invariably cost more than smaller ones with less.

If your dream is big, your budget should reflect this. Currently our wedding photography packages are between five and ten thousand dollars. You’ll get a photographer for the day*, a story designer for up to three hours afterwards, a rich-smelling, leather-bound storybook delivered directly to your door.

Large prints can also be added to the package.

Sorry, we don’t do negatives, CD’s or DVD’s. We do very good storybooks for very special people with extraordinary dreams.

For more information please write us.

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