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Photographer Hanged By Camera Strap!

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Fat and Strangled.


That bloated, belligerent bitch fell and hanged herself on her camera strap.

She deserved it!

It was night time… and raining… and karma did its thing.

It happened while trying to get herself picture of that bridge. Somehow, she got over the fence and went too close to the cliff’s edge and slipped in the mud.

Fuck, fuck and fuck again!

It was a stupid thing to do. Who goes into a storm to take pictures anyway? Brisbane or not, every photographer knows the proper procedures when it comes to shooting lighting.

They don’t take their camera into the rain!

They shoot the approaching storm, not the one that’s active and overhead. If the rain starts, it’s long over. The danger of being struck is far too great.

But there’s no telling Fat Maxine what to do. When she gets an idea in her head, she just can’t let go. If wine’s involved, she’ll defy everyone to make a point and abuse a few for good measure.

Photographer Hanged. Tree Root Catches Strap.

But how did she get past that tall fence before the edge of the cliff? She’s obese and too unhealthy to climb it. Top class athletes would find it difficult on a dry day.

I don’t get it. Why go over the fence at all? She had a tripod with her. It’s much taller than that fence! If her angle was obscured, all she had to do was extend it some more!

How to photograph lightningPolice said that she slid a little way down the cliff-face when a tree root caught hold her camera strap. She was barely a few feet down and then dangled until she passed. Some guy on the bridge saw her when he was out for a morning jog. It was a shocking discovery and it made news headlines.  

What I don’t get is how the camera strap came to be around her neck in the first place. If she were using her tripod, she wouldn’t have it around her neck at all. It’d be on the stand taking pictures. Instead, the tripod was found at the base of the cliff.

It just doesn’t add up.


(Excerpt inspired by SEETHINGS)

“Mike’s writing has you in the room from the outset. You are meeting characters left right and centre and then bang –‘it’ is here. He takes you on a vengeful, aggressive journey…” -Michael M Roleystone.

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