A Podcast of Evil – The Dirty Rabbit Hole

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A podcast all about murder, sadism, rape, sinister intention, despicable sexual acts of sexual cruelty.

We’ll go down the rabbit hole and consume the darkest topics of all, gobbling them veraciously (and treating them as though they were candy).

Why dirty?

Ya wanna a clean rabbit hole?

Who goes down a psychological rabbit hole and expects cleanliness? Let’s be honest, nothing is assured when exploring rabbit holes. They could be clean places but expect filth during a time of open discovery. It could turn dirty.

If want guaranteed happy endings then get your ass over to the Disney site and choose your favourite fictional character. Happy ever after is only a rainbow or two away. A famous three-fingered mouse is ready to deliver you a smile right now!

Happy ever after isn’t reality. The Dirty Rabbit Hole isn’t Disney.

Depression, anxiety, sexual craving, self-harm, obsession, blackened thoughts, suicide, situational dissociation, cognitive dissonance, reality re-association, etc, are covered in the Dirty Rabbit Hole Podcast. Perhaps you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here.

Welcome home. Welcome to the dark side.

-Michael Forman

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