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‘Real readers make the best reviewers of all.

Professional reviewers write tailored content for authors all the time. Their reviews are slick, always favoring author’s books. Real reader reviews aren’t as perfect as that. Their responses aren’t fake.

Today, we’re offering something brand new to fans of Michael Forman dark fiction. You can be involved in the real-reader reviewing process simply by letting future fans know about your own reading experience in words.

With the recent independent release of WAVES of DARKNESS on Amazon, its review box is empty and just waiting for someone like you to come along and fill it.

Would you write 50 to 100 words and provide an appropriate star rating on Amazon to get a free novel?

Michael is offering genuine readers who become real-reader reviewers of WAVES OF DARKNESS the opportunity to receive a signed copy of the prequel DARKNESS AWAKES, sent directly to their chosen address.

Michael presents his new novel Waves of Darkness.

The first three people who read and review the book on, will receive a signed copy of its prequel, DARKNESS AWAKES, for free!

The link to WAVES of DARKNESS on AMAZON is below. Just, order, read, review and drop us a line here. We’ll look after the rest.

Waves Of Darkness Novel

Aware of his alter-ego, The Beast, Mitchell Felding escapes to the water for respite and to cleanse his soul. It isn’t too long before the creature deep inside him calls for another victim.

Nina DeJong’s daughter has located Mitchell after finding his love letters to her mother when they were teenage sweethearts. Natasha then falls in love with Mitchell, a serial killer and her mother’s murderer.

Will she discover who he is before it’s too late?

(Click here for Amazon. Paperback, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited editions.)

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