Sexless marriage? Maybe your partner is asexual!

Suffering from a case Sexless Marriage Syndrome? Don’t laugh. If you’re living in a sexless marriage and you’re the partner suffering from not getting any, it’s possible you’ve found yourself an asexual mate and don’t know it… and they aren’t aware of it either! Read closely for more: First, let’s get some numbers on the […]

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Do I need an e-reader?

Do I need an E-reader? 3 Reasons To Say Yes!

Do I need an E-reader? Really? I Already Have a Phone! Here we go. These are the 3 best reasons you need to put your phone down and get an E-reader right now! So you’ve thought about acquiring and E-reader but aren’t quite sure. After all, a phone or a tablet seems to do the same thing and you already […]

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Tinder Date Goes Wrong

When A Tinder Date Goes Wrong There’s always risk involved when meeting someone through a dating application. Ironically, for some, this is no deterrent. The sooner any action takes place, the greater the fire that fuels their sex. The higher the risk, the hotter the burn. What about when that risk is breached and the Tinder date goes wrong? Well, here’s one […]

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