Michael Forman
Age: 49
Lives: Mandurah, Western Australia (see map below)
Interests: Writing, Photography, Acting, Tennis, Karaoke.
Michael began writing copy for newspapers in ’94 as a way to turn his love of photography into a business.

“As a photographer with a growing collection of travel photographs, I began writing copy to get them published. I learned to write and then sold my first story to a major Australian newspaper in 1994. My story was seen right around the country! Later, I broke into the international magazine market by writing copy for the United Kingdom and New Zealand.”

Michael studied and became the recipient, of a diploma; Photography with Journalism.

SEETHINGS was a step away from photographs and cameras. The novel became an entirely new writing project. 

“Travel stories are fluffy and light. They’re nice but I was itching to expand my creative horizons by using characters and narratives of my own.”

With the help of Amazon and Kindle, copies of SEETHINGS were ready for the world to read before Christmas of 2014.

SEETHINGS is now the first of a trilogy – a darker look at love, sex, sexless marriages and photography. Yes, the photography stayed! 

It’s about a photographer who’s keen to shoot the perfect thunderstorm but winds up chasing a storm of another kind. Get ready for twists that’ll churn your stomach!

“To be fair (and not to spoil things) I’ll announce the titles of the two new novels when both are ready for sale. If you’re an official subscriber to this site, you’ll know first because an email will be posted.”

“Read SEETHINGS. You won’t be disappointed.” -Mx

Where in the world is Michael?

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