Michael Forman
Age: 50
Lives: Mandurah, Western Australia (see map below)
Interests: Writing, Photography, Acting, Tennis, Karaoke.
Michael began writing copy for newspapers in ’94 as a way to turn his love of photography into a business.

“As a photographer with a growing collection of travel photographs, I began writing copy to get them published. I sold my first story to a major Australian newspaper in 1994. Since then, my work has been printed in United Kingdom and New Zealand.”

Michael studied and became the recipient, of a diploma; Photography with Journalism.

SEETHINGS  became an entirely new writing project…. one that didn’t require photographs. This was to become a novel.

“I was itching to expand my creative horizons by using my own characters and narratives.”

SEETHINGS is now the first of a trilogy – a darker look at love, sex, sexless marriages and photography. Yes, the photography stayed!

It’s about a photographer who’s keen to shoot the perfect thunderstorm but winds up chasing a storm of another kind. Get ready for twists that’ll bend your mind!

Subscribers will receive updates.”

“Read SEETHINGS. You won’t be disappointed.” -Mx

Where in the world is Michael?


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