Brisbane Photographer hanged during storm at Story Bridge.

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Brisbane Photographer hanged while taking storm photos
Last night’s storm claims a life

Brisbane Photographer Maxine Sewell, 32, was found hanging from a cliff near the Story Bridge by early morning commuters this morning. It is believed she fell while taking photos during last night’s fierce electrical storm.

Fortitude Valley police are saying little about today’s grim discovery.

‘This just looks like a terrible accident. Her phone and handbag were neatly placed under a bush near from where she fell. A tripod was discovered at the base of the cliff,’ said Seargent John Williams.

Cyclist David Sheehan was one of the first to find her body dangling from branch at the edge of Wilson Outlook Reserve.

Brisbane photographer tripod found at bottom of cliff

‘It looks as though her camera’s neck-strap became hooked on something as she slid down the ledge. I didn’t believe what I was seeing. I just thought someone was playing a practical joke and had hung a mannequin up there.’

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