Neo-Noir Fiction: SEETHINGS!

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Neo-Noir Fiction: Story-telling’s New Black!

Neo-noir fiction: SEETHINGS
Weirdness factor: High to very high.

Neo-Noir Fiction is about to get a big shake up in a new novel titled SEETHINGS (by Australian Author Michael Forman.)

If you’re the kind of reader who’s inclined to venture past the shelves of biographies and romance novels, one ‘bump in the night’ kind of story ready to set the weirdness scale to a factor of nine comes in the form of this little number ` SEETHINGS.

Neo-Noir fiction has given us other novels such as Shutter Island, Gone Baby Gone and Mystic River.

Neo-Noir differs from other crime genres. Rather than following the investigative side of a narrative, Noir-Neo allows a reader to adopt a unique perspective to the crime being committed through the criminal’s eyes  – allowing one to experience the raw motives behind evil. They ride shotgun and are able to watch the destruction taking place as it happens.

Michael Forman’s novel SEETHINGS does just that. It’s powerful, ominous and takes a deeply insidious behind-the-scenes look at the darker side of romantic affairs, sex and sexless marriages.

The struggle between an idyllic romance and marriage practicality reaches it’s zenith in an explosive ending you won’t ever see coming. (See reader reviews here)

Visit the author’s home site at www.mfp.com.au/angelwanderer

Wikipedia’s says this about Noir:

Noir fiction (or roman noir) is a literary genre closely related to hardboiled genre[1] with a distinction that the protagonist is not a detective, but instead either a victim, a suspect, or a perpetrator. Other common characteristics include the self-destructive qualities of the protagonist.[2] A typical protagonist of the Noir fiction is dealing with the legal, political or other system that is no less corrupt than the perpetrator by whom the protagonist is either victimized and/or has to victimize others on a daily basis, leading to Lose-lose situation.

-Michael Forman

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