Waves Of Darkness Novel

Aware of his alter-ego, The Beast, Mitchell Felding escapes to the water for respite and to cleanse his soul. It isn’t too long before the creature deep inside him calls for another victim.

Nina DeJong’s daughter has located Mitchell after finding his love letters to her mother when they were teenage sweethearts. Natasha then falls in love with Mitchell, a serial killer and her mother’s murderer.

Will she discover who he is before it’s too late?

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Happy never-after. The Feldings are trying for a baby but have a sexless marriage. She’s a pedantic Catholic Educator and he’s a dedicated husband and photographer.

Love, faith and a belief in marriage isn’t enough to create a life or to stop the vile, sadistic creature stalking innocents in a storm-drenched city.

The truth will kill.

(Click here for Paperback, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited editions.)