Two Days of Sex

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Two Days of Sex

My sexless marriage is driving me crazy. I’ve tried everything to change it. Recently, I went to a party and talked to an old flame.

It was so easy but we’re both married and unavailable.

2 thoughts on “Two Days of Sex

  1. Thank you for mentioning that women have this problem have this same problem!! I’m in a sexless marriage and I am female. I NEVER thought I would be in this situation. I’ve always been very sexual and my husband KNEW before we took our vows that for me sex was a big deal. But after 3 years and no sex it seems at this point I will never have sex again and that does make me sad. It also scares me. I don’t want to go another day let alone forever. Thank you for this! It’s so good to at least know I’m not alone. I found you on Tapatalk by the way and would love to get some feedback from you on my situation. My screen name is Aloneatnite79. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Gail.
      Thanks for dropping this note here. Yes, it’s sad to know that this sexless-ness may be the way of life… for the rest of it. Monogamy has rules which means our partners play a significant role on when, where, how sex will be conducted. If they’re not interested, we can’t have it. It only takes one person in a couple to stop two individuals from having sex. The results of a no-sex relationship leads to disappointment, anger, sadness and, if left to decay further, it can lead to long-term mental health issues.
      Thanks for the Tapatalk info. It’s nice to know how people find their way here.
      For those people wondering what Tapatalk is, this app accesses online forums. You can use it to search for almost anything written by everyday people with everyday problems and solutions. From time to time, you’ll see my handle appear in those about marriage and relationships, more specifically, those that are struggling in the bedroom. Long term intimacy issues are the problems of both sexes, not one. It breaks our souls apart to be treated this way. Access these forums to find out how men AND women find themselves in these situations, how they feel about it and what they’re doing to repair their marriages. Some of it’s hard to read but the pain in every word is real.
      I’ll look out for your handle in the forums Gail. Cheers, Michael

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