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#Neo-Noir Fiction AT IT’S FINEST!

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Take a trip to a dark region of relationships. Mitchell and Sam Felding begin to uncover a secret within their marriage neither have the power to speak of or overcome. 

They started strong. Mitchell and Samantha were the best of friends. They fell in love. When they dated, celibacy proved their love was meaningful. It was meant to solidify their love and make their wedding night extra special. Their special night was extra special… for the wrong reasons. Their future is now slowly being torn apart.

And in a storm enraged city a vile creature grows, hunting innocent victims on nights of the great storms. Mitchell’s a cameraman escaping a cold bedroom. He may have witnessed something while trying to photograph lightning. Did he see something in the darkness or will his wife dismiss him again?

Will the killer known as Kurdaitcha be caught?

The Beast has only Mitchell to stop the carnage.

Michael Forman AuthorMichael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS) SEETHINGS is available in Paperback and eBook versions. Ebook can be purchased through Kindle Online here .

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Original Hard Copy 381 pages.

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