Breaking Up Is The Right Thing To Do.

Breaking up

Happy Never After.

Maybe Breaking Up Is Better

Our fairy-tale is coming to an end. In fact, if I had to describe it more accurately, it’s an open-ended horror story.

It turned into this without warning.

I’ve tried to fix the problems, the breakages, tried so very hard to make it right. It hurts too much to do that now. I ache in every way. I don’t want to lose you but I can’t stand to be around you either.

It’s not working. We are not working.

Breaking up is better, right? It’s the only thing I haven’t tried. I want to try it.

I mean, no one ever says do that, break up or divorce. Sure, jokes are made about it but few are taken seriously. We’re supposed to remain together forever. That was the dream, the promise, right?

Or was that meant to be said as: ‘Die trying’?

I feel like I’m already dead. How is this any different?

Relationship utopia is easier said, written and read. Making it work is a whole different game of hearts.

It doesn’t work, not always.

Sometimes the perfect duo slowly kills each other and they don’t know it’s been happening for awhile. They try to keep their shit together for love and monogamy and children. Living this kind of life is agonizing, torturous.

It’s no one’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault.

Silence or bickering is only a sign of trouble. It’s not the end though. Oh no, that’s not enough to finish things outright. A couple-in-crisis are capable of far more suffering just to prove who loves more, cares more, invested the most.

Love martyrs will try every trick before accepting closure. Closure means failure. Failing is unacceptable. Love is hope. Hope is best. It’s better to re-write the story with love and hope than finding happy never after instead.

We try to kick-start things by setting time aside for each other but the torturing eventually creeps back in again.

Time wasn’t the problem.

No one is willing to give in or give up but the inevitable is there, right in front of us.

No! Push it away. We don’t want to know. Don’t look at it. Hide it. Get it away from us.

If only we knew how futile pushing-back is. Hiding it doesn’t change it. It stays no matter what we do.

Sometimes the happiest ending to a tragic tale is the one that includes the words ‘walk away.’

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Is that even possible?

Is that allowed?

Breaking up is unromantic. Tragic. Sad.

It’s death. Something in us will die. The choice is that or torture.

It is a fool who chooses torture.

Yes, breaking up is allowed. Death is just fine.

Let the relationship die. Write that end chapter and close the damn book.

Walk away. Let it go. Draw in a deep breath and then take a step away from its grave… and then take another.

Avoid turning around. There’s nothing to see. It’s dead. You can’t change that. Walk away.

Things won’t be the same again, this is true.

That’s also the point.

More than likely, they’ll get better. They certainly can’t get any worse.

Break ups happen. They really do. They’re a natural part of life. Life hurts sometimes. The good must go with the bad. If we’re to believe that the rainbow of existence is made up of many colours, we must be prepared to accept that our favourites will come and go.

Walking away is a horrible colour but it’s just that, a colour, part of a fantastic and frightful tapestry.

So walk away. Just go. Nicer colours will return in due time.

We should be allowed to embrace The End without guilt. We need to move on in order to enjoy the golds and yellows in our next book.

Do it. Let go. Tomorrow is ready for you.

Darkness Awakes is about long-term love too. It’s about two proud people who once loved well but became love-martyrs to sustain an endless ending.

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Someone is about to be tortured. Someone will die in exchange for the pain.

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