Character Spotlight: Maxine Sewell

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Maxine Sewell.

  • Early thirties
  • Single but on/off again relationship with Andrew
  • Wedding photographer
  • Loves parties
  • Central figure to the photography industry
  • Enjoys red wine

Maxine heads a group of small business owners who specialise in photographing weddings. Most of the newer, inexperienced photographers who are breaking into this field, see her as an authority figure and look up to her for guidance. Those who have been around much longer know that they are mistaken.

She isn’t all that creative or even that successful, but she certainly makes out that she is. She’s a rambunctious woman who’s noisy facade only serves to confuse. Her abruptness is often mistaken as confidence and, therefore, she appears to be a leader, but it often disguises what little she actually knows.

Bridge burning is her only real talent. Once her bluff has been exposed and that facade fractures, she turns quickly. Until that time, she’s the boss and tells people what to do.

Her Rubenesque form helps gets the message across. It’s matched only by that bombastic personality, which, if left unchecked and alone with alcohol, tarnishes with each glass. No one can out-do Maxine’s vitriol or volume once the wine begins to flow. She can drink anyone under a table or out-argue them over it. Nothing stops Maxine.

Andrew is another photographer. He’s from the northern suburbs and has a good business on his side of town. It’s no secret that he and Maxine are seeing each other. It’s also no secret that he’s playing her, calling the big girl only when no one else is available. He makes it clear that he wants to remain single. He’ll say it to her face when everyone else is listening, just to make sure she knows. Maxine says that she doesn’t care about that and that the friends with benefits arrangement works well for her too. No one believes her though, not even Andrew. He just smiles and hands her another merlot bottle. Maxine will be there for him anytime he’s wants, no matter how much it hurts her to wait for him to visit.

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And then there’s Mitchell, another eligible male who lives and works much closer than Andrew. She’s been watching him through a separate lens, wondering if he could be the one. Unlike the rest of her men-collegues who are either too old, too broken or incapable of holding any meaningful conversation, he’s the only guy she’s willing to try. He seems nice enough, but he’s curiously quiet, never giving much away. She knows he’s married, but lately he’s been observed seeing other women. She’s sensed trouble and looks to take advantage of it. He won’t confirm anything, and she’s seething over it. Why won’t he accept her offers. Why won’t he tell her what’s going on?

Maxine made it clear that she’s great in bed and available. Not knowing why Mitchell hasn’t made his move infuriates Maxine. Both men aren’t playing her game right. It’s not part of her plan. She hates members of her flock keeping secrets from her. And the men in it are simply pissing her off. She’ll find out the truth even if it kills her!

SEETHINGS is written with a happy ever ending after you won’t forget.


“Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.

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