Counsellor Hides Dark Secret: Paedophilia

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Counsellor Tony Brindell may be hiding a dark secret as his private residence is being investigated by police for evidence of indecent acts committed to a former patient, Tracey Logan. Ms Logan, now twenty seven, has claimed that Brindell seduced her fifteen years ago.Hiding A Dark Secret; Paedophilia

A second woman, not yet named, has also come forward revealing the intimate details of an affair she says she had with Brindell when she was fourteen.

The women’s claims and the house have become the central focus of a probe into Brindell’s personal and professional life.

Brindell, a well-respected radio broadcaster, Pastor, youth worker and counsellor has not been charged with any crime but remains a person of interest during this investigation.

It’s unlikely anything will turn up. That’s because they’re looking in the wrong place.

Counsellor Hiding a Dark Secret in Fiction

Tony Brindell was written into my book, not to become a paedophile, but a convenient literary vehicle – reason for our protagonist to tell his story. It soon became clear that Tony needed a life of his own. From there, he grew.

He became a disillusioned high-school teacher who left the profession to follow God’s path. Life education soon became his passion.

Originally, Tony Brindell was the positive element that balanced out everything in my ever-darkening narrative. (It seems that I didn’t want light or balance after all!)

He’s a Christian, although you’d never know it. Tony’s completely approachable, likeable and very nice. He has a nice wife, nice family, nice hobbies and does everything just nicely. The man’s grounded too – a perfect anchor for all the troubled souls who visit his practice each week seeking good, reliable counsel.

As the story progresses and the protagonist take our attention away, small openings in Tony’s story allow us to take glimpses of his history. Again, his past appears to be honourable. There’s no real reason to doubt the man who has always done his best to counsel Mitchell and Sam Felding through their long-term sexless marriage. He’s shown them commitment and support, prepared to work things through to set things right no matter what.

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Maybe that wasn’t a good idea because things are not going right… when Tony’s secret suddenly comes out.

Tony likes young girls.

He denies it first and then justifies his actions as proof comes to light. According to Tony, he’s assisting the girls with their blossoming sexuality, educating them to become better wives for their future husbands.

He leads them to womanhood with his love, kindness and God’s Grace. He says that nobody else is better equipped to help them cross-over.

Hiding a Dark Secret: Revealed

The counselling office has been Tony’s grooming room, the Youth Camps, an opportunity to make the crossing.

Only one person knows the deal and they’re prepared to keep quiet. Everything hinges on whether Tony can keep a secret that’s larger than his own. It’s a repugnant offer but Tony accepts the arrangement anyway. He has little choice.

In the 2 books that follow, I expanded on Tony’s world and granted his persona a small change, something that allows him to come to terms with who he is and the uncomfortable partnership he endures alongside our killer. In book two, this repulsion fades. By the time book three arrives, it’s gone completely.

The couple look forward to their secretive meetings and will work together to make a brand new deal.

They will witness each other commit their respective crimes.

I told you my writing is dark, right?


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