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Finally! Audio tracks for those who love to listen to fiction rather than reading it are ready and waiting to be heard. And there’s something extra special for those who enjoy the darkest side of storytelling to be found inside them!

If you’re a subscriber to this site, you’ve already seen (and heard) a growing number of dark fiction podcasts being posted right here.

If not, welcome. It’s time to take a step into the shadows. You’re about to walk a deadly and dark path to a place few have ever been.

*cue sound of rattling chains and screams*

Dark Fiction Podcasts Scripts
Dark Fiction Podcasts Scripted and Ready to Record

The Dirty Rabbit Hole Podcast mixes psychological torment with sadism. The podcasts are full of evil intention, murder, depraved sex and information on the characters who live those lives within the stories.

Ever wondered how dark fiction is created? Listen to the podcast! There are backstories, narrative autopsies and character dissections as well as excerpts. Listen to the author explain everything.

Visual representation of a podcast excerpt

The Dirty Rabbit Hole Podcast appears in two primary locations; right here and on iTunes. If you pick them up here, they’ll play straight from the page, no extra software needed, no apps, no sign-ups or pop-ups. Just press play and turn up the volume.

iTune podcasts are playable via iTunes or any podcast app that draws from its library. I use SPOTIFY for downloading and playing my podcasts but STITCHER or PODBEAN will suffice. They’ll even let you know when a new podcast has been posted from here and sent to iTunes.

If you’re a subscriber to this site, not only will you know before iTunes gets the submission, but contextual script is provided in the form of blog posts too. The biggest picture is always seen right here, at it’s origin!

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Now sit back and prepare yourself to take in one of the latest dark fiction podcasts here.

See you in hell.

Michael (Author of Dark Fiction)

Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
Avail: Kindle, Kobo, (free) Kindle Unlimited, Paperback.

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