Doomed Hero

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"Heroism is accessible. Happiness is more difficult."
-Albert Camus

Fairy tales reward heroic actions with perfect endings. Good triumphs over evil and a hero saves the day.

That’s the warm way fairy tales work. It’s a fine, wonderful system.

Most of us desire the same. We want to be heroes too. Championing good and denouncing evil is the perfect happy story. It leads to Sanctuary.

Life isn’t like that.

Often, we start with good intentions, longing for the same happy ever-after ending bliss but, somewhere along the way, things become corrupted. The story concludes differently and happy never-after describes the situation much better.

Often, the result has far reaching results and the anticipated hero turns out to be an unintended villain.

This means any evil person who has ever existed could’ve been a leftover from life’s happier stories. They too tried hard to be good and were once a Doomed Hero seeking perfection in a Sanctuary that never came.

This is where one such story begins….


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