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Flipping Birds For Immediate Justice.

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Judge. Jury. Executioner.

The ‘bird’ gives us the power to be all three at once.

Before a flip, we’ve decided that there was a crime and who the guilty party was. The flipped bird is the sentence.

A guiding ‘F*ck you!’ often accompanies one.

Make no mistake; this simple act resembles a violent action. The longest digit extended at the end of a closed fist and jabbed upwards mimics the motion of sticking a knife into flesh. It’s full of hate-symbols, led by a violent ancestor that lives inside us all.

Seconds after a crime, there comes law, our law. This is our moment to shine a light on the dark-self by making a decision to act. Lifting a finger to a criminal is The Beast’s wish to inflict pain on them.

It’s interesting because it’s the reason why Criminal Law exists.(without the judges, juries and legal precedence’s blocking the way, we’d take real knives to real criminals.)

We see a wrong and want it made right, our right.

Flipping the bird out a car doorFinger flipping is a short way to convey what we feel at the time of a crime. It’s harmless for sure but passing judgement is typically human. When rules are broken, those that are perceived or real, it’s our desire to take charge of a corrective service and fix the problem.

If the crime costs us directly, we require justice’s speed to increase swiftly. For some, the middle digit is immediately reactive, as if it’s on speed-dial!

But there are two conflicting paradoxes when it comes to administering professional Law and the law we practice for ourselves.

Let’s talk about Law first.

If you put aside high-finance and the manipulation of the legal system for political gains (I know that’s hard to do), a Land’s spokesperson for establishing right, wrong and equitable sentencing makes sense.

An unbiased third party to weigh-up the facts, listen to arguments and match punishments to societal expectations has merit. It’s not perfect but it works – most of the time.

There is another set of shortcomings in Law. It is expensive, complex and rather slow. Some would say its outcomes are regularly unsuitable. This keeps smaller crimes out of the courts.

That’s why the second option exists. A fist-dagger stabs a perpetrator right away and covers much when it pierces the flesh.

A quick middle-finger knifing to the solar plexus fixes everything immediately.

They get jabbed and their blood is spilled. Justice and harmony is restored… more or less.

So the next time you flip, give a thought to the passion behind your finger gesture, its ancient origins and the necessity of Criminal Law to keep real-knives out of the hands of our very real inner Beasts.

 -Michael Forman (Author)

The Finger Flip is the source of evil

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