Going Down A Rabbit Hole?

Rabbit Hole

You’re a writer. You sit behind a keyboard waiting for inspiration to smack you down. You’ve been told that when the juices flow properly, they’ll take you anywhere.

Exploring the creative-self will take us to places we never expected. It takes discipline and an open-mind to start the journey and, once it starts, there’s no telling what’ll happen next.

We’ll teeter between this world and somewhere unknown. Once the scales are completely tipped over, the fall to oblivion begins and the world we left behind ends.

Hold that thought!

down the rabbit hole

Hey! Did you ever get a feeling of falling and then it suddenly rips you out of a deep sleep? You know, it’s that dream where you wake to find your heart pounding, nails dug deeply into the mattress below and an inexplicable sheen of sweat of your forehead?

That’s the one.

What if you could go where the fall was supposed to take you? Don’t you want to know where it ends? I do.

Nightmare jolts are fuelled by fear. We wake because the outcome of any prolonged drop usually ends with dire consequences. Dreamers connect fall to injury/death so the journey down a rabbit hole stops just as soon as the nightmare starts. We wake and never know the fall’s secrets.

What if we could stay asleep throughout the fall?

Down is not necessarily bad. It’s only an assumption that a dream-fall ends in disaster. What if that fall was meant to show us something, take us somewhere? The real tragedy isn’t any sudden stop, it’s the inability to go where our subconsciousness’s wanted us to be.

Maybe you’re meant to meet someone special inside the hole.

Falling in a dream is like writing about murder in fiction and going over the edge of creativeness. You can fall but not hurt yourself. Nobody will die if you write about death.

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Standing at its edge looking down into the abyss doesn’t give us knowledge about what’s inside it. We have to go there. Evil could lurk inside. Death is a possibility. So too could utopia. For all we know, that rabbit hole may just contain rabbits!

What if it’s just a perspective-pit? Perhaps it’s depth is measured just so that we could see life from a new angle?

You’ve never been down the rabbit hole. She’s never been there, they’ve never been there either. Why are we standing on the edge talking about it but not falling?

I going down the rabbit hole with or without you and I’m keeping my eyes wide open when I do it.

Will you join me and jump?

Michael Forman


P.S. My two novels are the result of the rabbit holes I recently visited. Inside, their characters find their own holes to explore. They are double drop stories!

Darkness Awakes Novel

Darkness Awakes: Happy never-after. The Feldings are trying for a baby but have a sexless marriage. She’s a pedantic Catholic Educator and he’s a dedicated husband and photographer.

Love, faith and a belief in marriage isn’t enough to create a life or to stop the vile, sadistic creature stalking innocents in a storm-drenched city.

The truth will kill.

Waves of Darkness: Aware of his alter-ego, The Beast, Mitchell Felding escapes to the water for respite and to cleanse his soul. It isn’t too long before the creature deep inside him calls for another victim.

Nina DeJong’s daughter has located Mitchell after finding his love letters to her mother when they were teenage sweethearts. Natasha then falls in love with Mitchell, a serial killer and her mother’s murderer.

Will she discover who he is before it’s too late?

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