Logan City: Amatuer Photographers Discover Body.

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What are you looking at? I'm not a real reporter. Got you!Story by reporter: Julie Sephlia : Twitter: i.sephlia : Facebook

Looks pretty real to me. Logan CityLogan City: Two Meadowbrook photography TAFE students taking a walk this morning discovered a woman’s near naked body in low lying grass on the banks of the Logan River.

Charlene Foley, 38 of Kingston Logan City, was last seen on Wednesday night after she told her husband she was going for a walk. She never returned.

Logan City Police have released the following statement:

A stock Logan City shot for trainers
Police Search River Bank for SIM

‘Mrs Foley appears to have left her Kingston address at about seven thirty on the night of the 15th and then made her way down Juers St. We believe she has either met with someone or was abducted, relocating to Meadowbrook soon after. There are signs of sexual assault and we’re currently looking for a white sedan that was seen in the area around that time. We are also searching for her mobile phone’s SIM card. Cadets from Oxley will be doing a ground-search today, retracing her movements along the river, Armstrong Rd and surrounds.’

Logan City: A Crime Hotspot?

Photography student Len Skapp who first discovered the body said, ‘We were photographing insects and I said to John what’s that in the background? I thought it was someone sunbathing.’

Mrs Foley leaves behind two daughters and a son.

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