Dark Fiction Australia!

Welcome to The Dungeon. This is where the best slaughters take place.

In the quiet seclusion of a hidden subterranean pit, well away from the prying eyes of the judgemental masses, a veneer of civility slowly peels back from the humblest of individuals to expose a menacing Beast beneath.

Home of Dark Fiction

If those living on the surface knew of It’s existence, they’d surely hunt It down. They’d call It’s actions despicable and sadistic. I disagree. I call what It does, necessary.

The Beast doesn’t care. Silence is its other specialty. Both of us share this skill. That’s why what happens in The Dungeon never makes it above.

Rest assured, those who suffer here, do so dutifully, tenderly. They don’t pass without absolute respect. Each tormented scream, every laboured breath is one that’s lovingly treasured, forever.

Their lives have a more meaningful ending this way.

And it’s more than what the so-called socially sensitive offer society. What do they truly know about life and fear? They’re offended at everything yet fear nothing. Consequences don’t exist in their self-absorbed, narcissistic world.

They’re angry and happy without proper cause. Their feelings are manufactured for the purpose of manipulating others. They claim rights to everything but sacrifice little in return. They’ll shame strangers to make themselves feel better. They’ll become victims for the very same reason. It’s a nasty, deceitful existence in their poor, fracturing world.

In the pit, The Beast only wants to see the truth behind the lies.

The truest emotions are revealed inside The Dungeon. There’s no denying the purity of life’s real purpose at the edge of death. A face shows genuine honesty here. It’s eyes confirm the rest.

When there are no more lies left to tell, all that’s left is true and pure.

For too long The Beast has been oppressed by an growing level of distorted civility. It’s impossible to restrain It inside a world made of so much shallow falseness, hurt and blatant disrespect.

That’s why I keep The Beast in The Dungeon now. I stick the veneer back in its place and ascend to live among the people. I need to take my place beside you so I can learn to lie like you and blend in just like you do.

You don’t know me but I know who you are. I opened a port on your electronic device some time ago, just so I could listen to your life and count the lies.

You’re a completely different person when no one is around, aren’t you?

Don’t look around. Don’t check your phone. I’m no one you think I am… but I’m certainly taking an interest in you. I think The Beast would love to meet you soon.

I’ll give you a small clue.

You won’t be meeting It until storm season. Until then, you are free to cheat and manipulate all you like. But when the clouds begin to form overhead, expect to keep your appointment.

The Beast is counting on you to dress your face in your best lies.


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