Mandurah: The Home of Neo-Noirotica!

A Photo of Mandurah Bridge
Mandurah Bridge and Estuary

Well, there it is – Mandurah. (Actually, it’s just a bridge in our town)

This idyllic area is where the stories are written. I know what you’re asking yourself: Where’s the storm clouds, the lightning, the sexual tension and sadism?

It’s an interesting antithesis. Michael’s novels are dark and twisted. Where his ideas come from is anyone’s guess.

Michael and his partner Margo live near this small beach side, blue-sky town in Western Australia, about a one hour drive south of the capital city Perth.

The air is clean and the sand, smooth. Seagulls and fish are in abundance. Most of the writing takes place at home between fishing and crabbing.

At his nook, Michael works through his characters, testing each one by acting out their parts. It’ll take another year before a book’s text is screened and reader-ready.

Michael Forman plays Fagin in Oliver
Michael Forman plays Fagin in Oliver

Stage and theatre makes up a good part of Michael’s life too. He’s acted in numerous plays and musicals. Taking to the stage allows him to wear a character and go down the rabbit-hole to see the worlds where he or she may visit.

When he’s not writing or performing, Michael likes to listen to Margo create stories of her own, like who catches the largest and most fish. She’s an excellent angler but this is Michael’s book/s site. Stories like that belong on the shelf labelled ‘FICTION.’


Mandurah Beach with approaching storm
Mandurah Sunset With An Approaching Storm – Photo by M.Forman




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