Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay is the perfect playground for those who enjoy watery lifestyles.

Islands block most of the ocean’s nastiest forces but there’s still enough left over to make things interesting – providing plenty of places to travel to too!

Scarborough Harbour - Moreton Bay
Scarborough Harbour – Moreton Bay

The southern section of Moreton Bay narrows and chokes with islands. It is therefore is quiet, calm, safe. In many places, a shoreline is no more than a few metres away.

The big end is in the north. That’s my playground.

Well, it’s where I used to play.

Every second or third day, my twenty seven foot sloop ‘Last Laugh’ could be seen leaving from Scarborough Harbour and then disappearing over the horizon towards Moreton Island, Bribie Island, or St Helena Island.

Living on a yacht and sailing frequently gave me insight to bay-life. It introduced me to different sailors, their vessels and the movements of water and wind around Queensland’s south-east.

And then I wrote a novel using some of the Moreton Bay experiences I’d gathered – two novels, actually.

One day, while anchored at Shark Spit, I accidentally dropped a bucket overboard. It drifted away with the current before I could grab it with a long hook. I let it go and expected it to disappear, forever.

Six hours later, it returned. It floated back, tapped on the hull, almost begging to come home. It was the tide that did it – an amazing set of circumstances and I thought to use to open my next novel.

It’s first light on Moreton Bay and something bumps into a boat that’s anchored near Shark Spit. The yacht’s skipper wakes and investigates the odd noise.

He kneels on the duck-board and looks underneath his yacht. There’s a large, dark mass caught on his propeller. He frees it with a stick and then it breaks the surface of the water. It pops up and he comes face to face with a dead woman.

A bucket becomes a body and the tide plays an important role in the remaining part of the narrative.

How and why the body got into the water is the bit you don’t yet know. That’s the mystery that follows.

SEETHINGS isn’t about revenge.

Revenge is yet to come.

Creep you later,

Australian Photographer turned author Michael Forman


Cliffs of Redcliffe Queensland, Moreton Bay
Cliffs of Redcliffe
Mangrove Walk - Nudgee Beach - Boondall - Wetlands
Mangrove Walk – Nudgee Beach
Marina Berths - Scarborough Habour
Marina Berths – Scarborough Habour
Deception Bay Scarborough
Deception Bay Scarborough

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