Noirotica Example – Michael Forman’s Next Novel

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An Excerpt From The Next Novel!

For readers following Michael Forman’s work, here’s a perfect noirotica example for you to enjoy:

His head pulled back. “Mmmm, storm sex is the best, you’ll see.”

“Oh yeah, there you go baby, go down suck the other one… mmm, that’s it. Oh god I’m so randy.”

He bit her and she growled a little. “Oh, that’s it, that’s it. You can bite it harder! Don’t be shy. I can take it.”

noirotica example

He bit her flesh and she yelled and giggled. This one wasn’t a quiet girl anymore. She was a wild woman who advertised her enjoyment. He liked that. It turned him on to hear her breathe, growl and laugh.

Noirotica example cont…

She suddenly reached for his crotch and took hold of the lump behind the fabric. “It’d better be worth it baby.”

Mitchell couldn’t wait. He hurriedly undid his shorts and let them drop to the sand. She took hold of his shaft and held it tight. “God that’s hard. Nice and thick too. Guys your age usually don’t get so hard so soon.”

“They don’t?”

“Nup, the younger ones do… but they pop too soon. You won’t pop too soon will you?”

“Nope, not until I’m ready. I don’t want to waste a good time.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

She dropped to her knees, wrapped her hot mouth over him and thrusted her head into his groin. “Jesus that fucking works!” He shouted.

She pulled back and said, “Thanks! Give me your arse baby. I can do better.” She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in while pushing forward with her mouth.

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Noirotica example cont…


“Shit! You’re a deep-throater! You’re fuckin’ swallowing it.”

She pulled off, smacked her lips and said, “Yeah but not all the way yet. You can help you know. Grab my head and pull me. Like I said before, don’t be shy.”

With her hands around his buttocks and his around her head, she prepared her mouth at the end of his cock. “It’s big but I can do it. Fuck it like it’s a pussy. Don’t hold back.”

Noirotica example cont…

She hadn’t even finished speaking before he pulled her head to him. In one movement she opened and went down on him, all the way. Her throat filled and her mouth kissed his stomach.

Without warning he pulled out and rammed it in again. She moaned and tugged his bum.

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He got the idea and it soon became a fucking frenzy. She let him slide in and out at his own pace, at his choice of depth. She made gurgling sounds while he groaned, thrusting back and forth in the bursts of light.

“Christ, I’ve never fucked a throat before! I better make use of it while I got it, eh?”

She moaned once and settled in for several more minutes of face-pounding. The storm behind her grew, thunder rolling in between gurgles and groans.

Noirotica example cont…

The camera and tripod had been forgotten. It sat on top of the sand pointing in the direction of the glowing thunder-heads and the arcs that crawled over them. She’d didn’t come for photography at all. Photography was a way to meet men.
Jane was skilled at playing roles like this. She’d done it before. It might have needed a camera to get this man naked but she performed whatever role was needed to get one and have her way with him.

This angered Mitchell deep inside. He hadn’t seen through her ruse. After a lifetime of being told to respect women and losing out to a callous and cold wife who constantly demanded it, he’d just found another who apparently lapped up disrespect. She had to tell him to let go to give her what she needed.

Despite his heightened state of arousal, a tiny tinge of hate bubbled to the surface. If only he could’ve seen through the ruse beforehand.

It was all too confusing to take in. Cyrus was a lie to access women like Jane. Jane was living a lie to meet men outside of her marriage. Photography was only an excuse for the two of them to connect. Why did so many lies need to exist to cover sexual need and want?

Noirotica example cont…

This awakened the Beast. He quietly growled.

You know why.



They win every time.

Not every time.


Nina didn’t win.

No, she didn’t.

Lightning flashed and lit up the sky. For several seconds the trees, the sand, the tripod and two lovers appeared in daylight. If there were witnesses they would’ve seen it all. She was feeding from his cock as he ferociously thrust into her drooling mouth.

I could do this for you.


Are you sure?

I’m up for it.

It takes a lot.

No, really, I want this one.

I can take over.

You stay there. I’ve got this.

Noirotica example cont…

Another bolt brightened the beach. Mitchell wrapped her hair around his fist and pulled her off his swollen cock. He dragged her by the head and she kicked at the sand, leaving lines and gouges in it.

“Get the fuck over there!” He demanded throwing her against the edge of boardwalk. Her chest pressed against the side rail. “Get a leg up on that and bend over! Bend the fuck over!”

Eagerly, she complied and dropped her pants to her ankles. “That’s better! Now you can fuck me properly. Go on! Fuck me like the slut I am!”

She lifted a leg onto the boardwalk, reached behind and opened herself up. In the bursts of light she gave him the view of her crack and a wide-open pussy. “What do you think, can you handle it?”

What’s wrong with her?

She’s not scared of you.

Why not?

You’re not threatening enough.

“Just you wait you fucking bitch, you’ll get it alright! You’ll be sorry!”

Noirotica example cont…

Mitchell pulled her hair and pushed his lengthy cock into her hot, wet pussy. She grunted as he yanked her head backwards and slammed his pelvis against her bottom.

She arched her back and took the punishment. “That’s it baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Use it! Go on, use it good!”

It’s not working.

She’s better than you.


She’s much better then you. Here, let me do it.

No, I can do this!

Mitchell let go of her hair, reached forward and took hold of her throat with both hands.

She bucked and screamed with delight. “Oh yeah, choke me baby, choke me. I love that… makes me so wet. Choke me good!”

Mitchell looked down at his shiny pole sliding into a woman he’d only just met. She was wet, very wet. She’d become aroused on a kiss and a blow job. She was begging him to choke her.

That’s not right.

She has you.

It’s not right.

2195640c628d8c380050b202f53fce8cNoirotica example cont…

“Ooo, yeah, jam it into me baby. Harder!”

He tightened his grip around her throat, waiting for the moment when she’d stop him. It didn’t come. He rode her like a jockey in full flight, her head bobbing as he drove her hard. The wind picked up and pushed the trees this way and that. Sand started to sting their legs. She begged for even more rough-play.

Through gritted teeth she mocked him. She called him a failure. She teased him. She taunted him. “Is that all you got baby? But I want more!”

An imbalanced Mitchell suddenly snapped.

The storm, the torment, the constant teasing about not being able to satisfy yet another woman was too much to bear. He tried so hard to hold onto the reigns… but The Beast wanted her too. He stepped in and Mitchell stepped away. The Beast wasn’t going to standby and let this bitch get the better of them.

He pulled out, spun her around, bent her backwards and entered her hungry cunt from the front. She lifted her leg up to accommodate him and smiled as though she’d liked what he served her.

Noirotica example cont…

He leaned forward, took hold of her throat and whispered into her ear. “It’s no good facing away from me. I can’t see the fear in your eyes.”

She thought he was acting out his dominating role and smiled again, groaning and wailing at the pleasure of a cock entering her at such an awkward angle. It opened her and his shaft rubbed against her clitoris. Rain now came down in sheets. It poured over their bodies. Her arms made wide circles in the air as she exalted the waves of excitement from deep within her core.

Lighting struck a tree nearby and the crack of thunder thumped into them.

“This is it!”

“Oh yeah baby, do that… just like that!”

Noirotica example cont…697814a6cfa2f5748d3974e5985f625b

With that he clamped down and closed off her throat, pushing hard, stopping oxygen and blood from reaching her brain.

She was the first one not to be immediately fearful. She still thought it was part of an act. She grinned and continued to grind her hips to make the best of the action going on below.

Her face did change. So did her arms. She stopped waving them about and grabbed his wrists. To make sure she was aware that he had no intention of letting go nor playing games, he held her throat tighter. He pushed her backwards and pinned her shoulders against the boardwalk.

She struggled. She tried to pull his arms off her. She bashed them with her fists and then hit him on the head and face. As the seconds went by and the available oxygen was used up in her body and brain, it became harder to fend off her attacker. It became difficult to think.

Noirotica example cont…

The rain fell and she flailed. His lower body thrust in and out while his upper remained still, his eyes fixated at the anguish in her face, waiting for the moment she’d teeter between life and death. He wanted his orgasm timed. True gratification came from filling her just before she passed. It was the last thing he wanted her to feel.

Wind-driven leaves swirled by. Twigs from the nearby forest tumbled along the boardwalk. Some struck their skin at speed, stinging them before landing at their feet and continuing on the sand. If there were people nearby who had seen them arrive or that mysterious flash-pulse that came out of her camera, then they did nothing to investigate. If someone had heard her horny squeals and secretly watched from the bushes, then they didn’t come forward when the aggression escalated. Those who might’ve planned to walk the path at night would’ve turned away. Once the rain came down, no one would accidentally come across the attack.

Noirotica example cont…

Kurdaitcha examined her eyes and saw them filling with rain. Two pools of water formed in their sockets. Her panic-stricken eyes stayed open while they filled. Those eyes were drowning and anyone could see the helplessness behind them. She was dying but Kurdaitcha wasn’t finished taunting her while she was still alive. Like the others before her, he needed to invade her body even more. It was his way of humiliating his victims further when sexual humiliation wasn’t enough.

Still holding her neck tight, he pulled her head towards him and then leaned over her face. A salacious tongue extended from his mouth and probed her left eye. It licked the eyeball and she felt the tip work its way onto her tear duct, twisting and turning and digging under the eye. She shut it tight and twisted her head away. He twisted her head back and held it even tighter. He extended his tongue again, digging at the right eye this time. Like a well-lubricated snake, he got the tip to wriggle between the upper and lower lids. It probed underneath them, searching for the tear duct, tickling it as though it were the unexplored clitoris of a virgin.

1284e404dca7d6f905fd4a872938b6e8Noirotica example cont…

Saliva and hot breath formed foam in his mouth and poured down along the tongue. Soon, a layer of mouth spume covered the eye socket. She flinched but her energy was almost gone. With every vile act he committed and every flinch she fought him with, his own excitement heightened.

His testicles rose and the fire in his belly grew. Lightning froze millions of spheres of rain in mid-air. They held there for ages, watching from all around. It seemed as though they wanted to stare at this horrific event. They couldn’t help but stop and stare at the carnage.

The spheres went black, disappeared and exploded onto their flesh. He bucked wildly and injected his venom into her vagina. While his cock delivered below, his mouth flooded her face with foam from above, the tongue frantically digging, twisting, writhing on the eyeball all the while. She tried to close her eye but it was useless. The tongue had its way.

He squeezed out every drop into her but he wouldn’t leave until he was sure she was gone. When the eye was perfectly still, he pulled out and let go of her throat.

Noirotica example cont…

It was done. She was dead.

The person called ‘Hon’ on her phone wouldn’t be seeing her later. She wouldn’t be handing the toys in her car to any child. The camera wouldn’t be used by Gavin again. Jane’s life was gone, forever.

Mitchell had stolen it. He’d taken advantage of Jane and killed her during coitus. He did what he’d done on each occasion before this and abandoned the body after he was done. There were no attempts to move or hide her. She would be found as she was left, naked, open-legged and bent backwards over the timber walkway with one foot on the sand and the other dangling over the edge of the boardwalk.

Noirotica example end.

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