For Those Who Have a Love of the Night

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Do you have a yearning towards exploring the mysteries of night?

Of course you do. That’s why you’re here. There’s a certain something that draws you into it and it goes deeper than words can describe. It’s not explainable except to say that it’s a primal desire.

This attraction is called nyctophilia. Don’t worry, it’s not a disease.

Nyctophilia: My love of the dark

Humans have many inexplicable attractions built into their DNA. Nyctophilia is one of them. It’s part of who we are. Some say its the psyche’s wish to return our bodies to the holiest elements of our origins – to a time long before the Internet, Religion, Civility. We ache to connect with our an ancient ancestors who once lived by Earth, Wind and Fire.

There are those of us who have a primal attraction to water and the sea too. Another group of us gravitates to fire and lightning. There is another who are drawn to serial killers.

Serial killers?

I thought we were talking about the Earth’s elements and what attracts us to them.

No, we weren’t. That’s only a ruse to lure you here.

As a creative, I deceptively brought you this far so I could take you down a different path, one that leads to a story of primal programming.

What makes some of us think we can walk into the night without a care in the world?

Fear is a primal programmed response. It should stop this sort of behavior to keep us safe. It is illogical to walk into the unknown without fear.

My answer is a simple one. Nyctophillia is best explained by measuring our primal responses against our needs hierarchy. Fear of the dark, nyctophobia, is a natural one. It makes sense to stay in the protection of light and away from the dangers of dark. Something powerful must supersede fear for fear to be suppressed.

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Trust. It’s fear’s favorite companion.

One of our basic needs is to feel safe – also part of our primal programming. Trust bridges the gap between what we know to be safe and uncertainty.

I believe that if someone says they have no fear of the dark, what they really mean is that they trust it. They trust that the ground they’ll walk upon remains flat. They trust there are no objects to bump into or fall over. They trust there are no predators lying in wait.

Trust takes time to manufacture. Fear is automatic.

In brief:

Q. What makes a nyctophile trust the dark?

A. Never experiencing danger from it.

There’s a difference between courage, blind arrogance and stupidity.

Convincing oneself to ignore their inner-animal’s fear and put faith in the unknown is illogical, if not convenient. Nyctophiles are my best victims.

I watch them foolishly wander beyond the illuminated areas of town because they’ve told themselves it’s okay to do so.

They trust me too.

They should. I’ve always exuded trust. To be honest, if history has proved anything, my character is dependable to a fault. Sometimes it’s tiresome to be this way. Occasionally, I like to put that fault aside and cut loose.

I too have a special primal need programmed inside my DNA. Mine is to wake the dormant beast and take ourselves hunting.

Fortunately, there are plenty of nyctophiles who’ll venture into the dark alone tonight, trusting something they should fear.

I don’t care how they justify their unnatural fixation, I’m just happy they have one that perfectly coincides with mine.

Creep you later!


‘Michael has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy  – for the faint-hearted, leave it alone!’ – Mike M. Roleystone.

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