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Paper Orgasms: My Literotica

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Paper Orgasms Michael?

You’re writing psychological thrillers, not literotica!

That’s not true.

Erotica is a good part of my writing. The characters get into it, I mean, really get into it!

Love and murder narratives like mine often contain sex, extremely passionate, leg-twitching, shudder shaking bedroom action – suspenseful, just like psychological thrillers should be!

The two go together well, don’t you think?

We say sex starts in the mind so why not take the suspense from one act of life and then apply it to another? Readers can be taken to places, some they’d never expect to see.

Good erotica isn’t exclusive to books written specifically for tease. It goes just fine here too.

Sex and sexual attraction can take any narrative’s characters on a wild journey in the types worlds we don’t normally frequent. Lori Beeton (reader) said my literotica was very feminine (A Dean Koontz reader who associates my work with his). She says I take my time to set the moment and don’t rush to get business done.

Paper Orgasms: My Literotica

It’s true, I do hold back, letting the tension build and swirl around the characters as though I’m writing an erotic-specific piece. It’s my way to let the reader to be in-the-moment with them.

Once intercourse begins, the deal is done. The fun parts are all that uncertainty, the sexual posturing and teasing that precedes it – that first kiss, a first touch, the nod to embrace each each other openly and completely with just a smile.

Eyes that shift, breathing that falters, revealing our inner yet secret desires – tell us stories that are far greater than those of the pumping action of a penis against a vagina.

So I give the time before sex its due space.

Good sex is all about negotiating the ‘unspoken thoughts’ and writing about how soon-to-be lovers find each other, approach and manage their fears and desires before taking the step to connect.

How we communicate those is what matters.

First contact is what it’s all about baby! Savour that moment!

Read about it in my books! -M



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