Photography Bio: Michael Forman

waltzing matildaIt has been a very long time since Michael began shooting professionally. It was Spring 1994 when the very first shot was squeezed off and then a receipt was exchanged for cash and a photo.

IMG_0125I’d been taking photos for pleasure for years but that first time I did it for money was an unnerving experience. I remember it well. I had the responsibility of getting it right, one time! Sweat poured out of me all day as I shot over and over again making sure I didn’t miss a thing It’s all different now though. I know what to look for and expect. I also now know the tricks to make things happen in the people I photograph.


Michael completed a Diploma Of Photography by the end of that year and was successfully contracted to teach photography at no less than three TAFE’s in the Brisbane area, a contract that was to last seventeen years!

He has had installments in art galleries and work published in newspapers / magazines around the world. Michael has been a guest speaker at numerous other classes and workshops around the state.

[slideshow_deploy id=’194’]In 2014 Michael published his first book (fiction) which, in part, follows the life of one wedding photographer giving his viewpoint of the gritty world of photography in the Brisbane and Logan City areas.



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