The Perfect Happy Ever After Story Of All

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Do you know how many authors there are on social media who claim to exclusively write HEAs for HEA fans? Visit Twitter. It’s laden with thousands of writers who specialize in creating shiny, happy stories with shiny, happy endings.

Readers are comforted by the HEA format. They know that whatever wrongs happen during the body of a story will right themselves before it finishes. It’s guaranteed. Evil people get their comeuppances, and good people go on to make the world a better place. These stories are gooey-righteous but popular because of this fuzzy fact. Hurt is temporary, always bound to destination Redemption by The End. A good HEA is like pulling up a cosy blanket.

It got me to thinking, I’ve perfected writing great HEA’s! My narratives redeem themselves just like any HEA!

Stop laughing. It’s a fact. Every dark story I’ve ever written comes with a profound resolution at its conclusion. My characters and their relationships flounder too, AND all repairs are made to them at just the right time. If you don’t believe me, read them again. Everyone smiles. Everyone comes out a winner. Yes, I know, they don’t feel like traditional HEA’s, but I dare you to say that they’re not. Sure, I offer you a different type of blanket, one that feels a bit scratchy and cold, but who said the blanket needed to be comforting?

HEA’s come in many forms — they’re not all about prize-winning sunset kisses and firework endings. Changing one’s perspective is all that’s needed to reveal the other side of HEA life. A criminal’s world can have happy outcomes too. Of course, it can. Let’s take a look at how evil and hope can work together.

Murder, theft, rape and random acts of violence are evil to most of us. To a psychopath, a good murder is Utopia. Not going to jail is a criminal’s HEA. The dream to run free, to not be judged or punished, is a viable alternative to consider when creating such a narrative. Sure, it’s hard to see the value in it through an altruist’s lens but, with a slight twist of the head, another HEA world can be revealed inside life’s shadows.

Sophisticated emotional juxtapositions exist between those who champion security and life against others who crave pain and death. Quality conflict ideas can be written from the unstable gap that lies between them. Morals are challenged. Honorable intentions turn dishonorable in the blink of an eye.

A writer’s greatest challenge is to create new narratives like these using the popular HEA as a muse — but develop them from an entirely new perspective, such as the one I mentioned above. It’ll invite readers to experience them, so they too can become dark HEA believers by The End — the perfect HEA for my kind of adult fiction.


Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
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