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Do you know how many authors there are on social media who claim to exclusively write HEAs for HEA fans? Visit Twitter some time. It’s laden with thousands of writers who specialize in creating shiny, happy stories.

A reader is comforted by quality HEA. They know that whatever wrongs happen during the body of a book will right themselves before it finishes. The story’s characters are destined to go to a better place regardless of all that came before it. Happy ever afters are popular because it’s like pulling up a soft blanket on a cold night. It’s warm, safe and guaranteed. Hurt need not apply here.

It got me to thinking, HEA’s are what I have perfected as well! My narratives redeem themselves in a HEA way!

Stop laughing. It’s a fact. Every dark story I’ve ever written comes with a profound resolution at its conclusion. If you don’t believe me, read them again. Their characters are smiling by The End and everyone goes away a winner. Yes, I know, they don’t feel like traditional HEA but it’s HEA just the same. I offer you a different type of blanket, one that feels a bit cold and scratchy.

HEA’s come in other forms. It’s not all golden sunsets and fireworks. Changing one’s perspective is all that’s needed to reveal the other side of life.

A criminal’s world can have happy outcomes too. Of course it can. Let’s take a look at how evil and hope can work together.

Murder, theft, rape and random acts of violence are evil but not going to jail is a criminal’s perfect HEA, isn’t it? The dream to not be judged or punished by strangers is a tangible one, a desire of which most of us can relate. Sure, it’s hard to see its value from altruism’s pedestal but it’s there if you step off and stare at it from the shadows. A change in perspective and clever writing is all it takes to reveal it.

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If you squint, death has a HEA of it’s own too.

Sophisticated emotional juxtapositions exist between those who champion life and others who crave death. Good conflict can be drawn from the gap that lies between them. But remaining alive at-all-costs comes at a price too so death’s perfect end would be to purchase it and die. Bingo. There’s another happy ever after served up piping hot.

A writer’s greatest challenge is to find new narratives using HEA as a muse and then assuming a new writing perspective when creating them. Inviting readers to read them and turning them into believers by The End is a writer’s ultimate goal, the perfect HEA for this author of dark, adult fiction.


Five Random Victims
Summer Thunderstorms
Charm Bracelet
Author: M.Forman
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