Redeeming Qualities in Evil Characters

Redeeming Evil Characters

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When it comes to liking evil characters in fiction, Hannibal Lector is one I’d like to give one big ‘ol squeeze.

You can’t help but fall in love with the good Doctor’s intellect and sense of propriety. If it weren’t for the odd liver and favar bean request, you’d be happy to have him over for dinner, to charm and entertain, right?

Writing evil into any narrative comes with its perils. Some discerning readers can’t abide free-flowing, mindless slashing and burning without an opposing force for some balance. To restore sanity, authors give their evil redeeming qualities.

Pure Evil and Kindness

Hannibal Lector is a good example. He has just enough of them to keep most lovers of dark fiction in-the-room. There’s a despicable element but it’s offset by bags of amiability.

Suddenly our villainous man (or woman) is likeable, relatable, accessible. They’ll visit animal shelters to care for unwanted, unloved pets, if needed, just to remain appealing.

As long as orphaned kittens exist in their downtime so too can death and mayhem when things begin to rise.

Mitchell Felding has redeeming traits of his own. Protecting the lives of those he sees as innocent is one of them.

No one dies unless there’s an extremely good reason for them to do so. In fact, when he’s not ending a life, he’s helping one remain alive.

In one instance, he rescues an entire family from a rampaging thunderstorm that destroys their home. Later, he cuts a rope from the neck of a dying sea turtle so it can live a long, mankind-free life. Further still, lost sailors Mark and Sharon thank Mitchell for finding their upturned yacht. He feeds the drenched couple and then tows it all the way back to port for repairs.

Mitchell’s second redeeming trait is a powerful one. It includes his wife. He adores Samantha. He’ll do anything for her.

He’s especially mindful of Samantha’s religious beliefs. He was the one who remained celibate when they dated, after they were engaged, right to the night of their wedding. It wasn’t easy but his promise was kept.

Seven years would be too long for some but not for Mitchell. He loves her. It just so happens that a darker part of him despises her.

The sexlessness continued beyond their nuptials. He tries everything, including couple’s counseling, to improve their relationship. She’s as unavailable today as she was when they first met.

Most likely, she’s asexual.

Keeping his wife happy, a facade to display to their friends and family, and his inner needs restrained, comes at price. A demon grows quietly in the recesses of a corroding mind.

And now Sam has told her best friend that she and Mitchell are trying for a baby. It’s too much for Mitchell to bear.

I'm going slightly mad!

Something snaps.

At first, he only cheated on her for sexual gratification. He met unhappy women from similar marriages to fulfill a basic need. There are plenty to choose from. It seems women fall into similar traps.

Dating websites are littered with lonely females looking for temporary escapes from their domestic complications.

He finds suitable candidates and makes first contact with a simple word or two. It’s nothing dramatic. He’s never demanding during the online chats. Patience is his virtue. It’s also attractive.

The trick is to screen the women and keep them at arm’s length – to find one that’ll keep a secret, forever.

Husbands aren’t the problem. A cheating wife never talks to him but she’s likely to confide in a friend. Mitchell doesn’t want another party to have knowledge of the liaisons, not at all. He refuses to expose Sam to any pain.

To make sure his prospect remains absolutely discreet, Mitchell opens a port on her laptop computer to listen to her day-to-day routine. Every conversation is analyzed. He hears her laughter, her tears, even when she takes a shower. He knows if she’s dating other men by the sounds her shoes make on the floor. Heels tell a lot about woman nightly activities.

Does she tell her favourite girlfriend about her secret lover?

Promiscuous, secretive wives make the best candidates.

He maps out her entire life by listening to everything that passes through her very own microphone. The whole process takes months to chart and complete.

When the time is right, he will come for her.

It will be a steamy encounter. They always are. Adults looking adventure take no time to make the most of each opportunity. They may never come again.

Mitchell’s special request is to experience sex in the rain. His weakness is thunderstorms. They’re highly arousing and emotionally liberating.

His lovers are attracted to his sense of adventure. They easily agree to trying out this kink.

Rain also washes away vital evidence. That’s convenient – for a serial killer.

SEETHINGS is dark, sensual fiction with a few twists along the way. The last one is super explosive.


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