Second Novel Update!

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I know, I know. It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted any update on the next novel, SEETHINGS 2!

First, let’s speed-read through a few things that were recently added to this dark fiction site to prepare it for the release of the new book:

  • New podcasts were installed. Something about nyctophilia was added, and a nice piece on selfies. (Do you know how many people die taking photos of themselves in odd places? Could this be a muse to another murder story sometime in the near future?)
  • A *video of me.

*Video was made some time ago. The next novel (SEETHINGS II) is already available to be read. I’m now onto the third novel.



I really don’t like doing videos. I kinda like being hidden inside the texts of my books than standing on a crate telling the world that I’m an author with a book for sale. Alas, this is the modern way, isn’t it? So I grab a camera, think of something to say and then say it without messing it up. (Writing is much easier, it allows changes to errors. Live vids are hard to do well!)

I can now reveal to you that the second novel is now published and ready for readers to enjoy. The synopsis is on the site, so too are the various file types in which it can be downloaded. It doesn’t matter if you’ve a Kindle, a Kobo, a phone, tablet or a laptop. All devices have a file available for them.

Mitchell Felding takes to the water in his new yacht. He has formed a romantic relationship with the daughter of his dead high school girlfriend (see previous novel). She’s a clone of her mother. She looks like her, laughs like her and tastes just like Nina.

Together, they sail the pristine waters of the bay and make love like smitten teenagers. In the meantime, another victim’s body turns up on a lonely shoreline. Like the others, it was found after a night of thunderstorms. A SIM card was taken from her phone too.

The pattern is obvious but only one person really knows.

Young Natasha finds out that she is pregnant. She wants to know when Mitchell will leave his wife and take care of his new family but Mitchell has other plans for her. He’s had them right from the moment she knocked on his door and brought him those letters. The yacht becomes a cage of torment and death. There’s no escaping a cage when it’s surrounded by water and skippered by a vicious psychopath.

The SIM card, the baby and the wife will meet.

-Michael Forman

What isn’t mentioned in the synopsis is voice-type, which perspective I’ve chosen to take when writing the book. It’s written in third-person this time. Unlike SEETHINGS which is predominantly first, I wanted this one to stay out of the killer’s head to let the reader see the world of people the protagonist encounters before they decide to make their kill. The first book sets the ground-work. It creates a new-born killer but the second one moves to the adventure of killing. What does a murderer do when they’ve accepted their lot in life and goes about their daily business of hunting, stalking, grooming and finally ending another’s life?

Too cavalier for you? You’ve really found yourself in the wrong place, haven’t you?

I can also let closeted fans know that, for a short time, SEETHINGS (the original) is free. If you’ve wanted to read my work but have been unsure whether to part with some cash, try out the first one and then do a review of it on GOODREADS. Call it an exchange of services. I won’t track or hassle you. That’s not how I work. I’ll trust you to do the right thing.

The third book has been written. Writing the first draft was a cinch (I guess I know my protagonist well) this time. The manuscript has been printed, bound and is awaiting my attention. Editing is the longest process of all and it will be awhile before the finished novel will be on the shelf to read. I can’t say when it’ll be ready but if you’re eager to read it, drop me a line. I tend to move faster when I know I’ve got readers lining up for it.

My podcast series.

Is it going to be the best dark fiction ever written?

I hope so! That’s it for today’s update.

… remember, an inexplicable neurosis’ isn’t always a bad thing.


“Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.”

– Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’.

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