SEETHINGS 2 – New Release On Smashwords.

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Adult fiction takes an even darker turn as the SEETHINGS story continues further into its deeply sadistic sequel: SEETHINGS 2.

Like its prequel, thunderstorms and sex underpin the narrative. Each time there’s a downpour, a body is found. Was it rape or did the victim consent to an intimate encounter in the rain before being murdered by a killer?

From the author:

This one is written in the third person — done in contrast to the tumultuous inner voice heard in book one.

SEETHINGS was about creating a monster from the monster’s viewpoint. SEETHINGS 2 allows us to step outside and meet its victims. We can now watch how each of them is lured away from safety of their marriages by using confidence and a little spice. It’s also about cultivating a delicately precarious relationship between two monsters, one who refuses to accept their title and another who’s prepared to hold a mirror up to an evil soul.

-Michael Forman


For dedicated followers:

Yes, it’s an e-book. Yes, it’s (previously mentioned) Waves of Darkness with a new cover and title. Amazon wasn’t playing nice so I wanted to bring it across to SMASHWORDS. SEETHINGS was doing so well on SW’s. I figured why not bring the sequel across too? Before posting this message, over two hundred and twenty copies had been downloaded by readers — growing daily.

Enjoy the read.

Cheers, Michael Forman (Author of Dark Fiction)

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