Darkness Awakes Head

With a creepy brand new novel ready for readers, it was time to take a look at the previous one (SEETHINGS) and give it a makeover. (Scroll to the bottom of the page if you can’t wait to see it!)

Small amendments were made to the text inside it (typos) but most of the work went towards the cover – a change of title and a new graphic.


The feedback I’ve received since it’s time in the marketplace has suggested that another image (without breasts) would go better.

Before a new novel goes out, I try out several titles and cover layouts and run them past friends, family and anyone else who happens to be near me while I’ve got it on my desk. Their opinions help guide me in the right direction.

It’s another necessary part of the long process of taking a book to market.

SEETHINGS was about the twelfth title tested and the cover design was around the tenth. For obvious reasons, the earliest layouts had lightning and/or a storm on it but friends really liked my zippered breasts approach. It was dark, sexy and everything the book was about.

I read somewhere that book titles starting with an ‘S’ did much better than most others – and the ‘S’ ideas started to move in, finally settling on SEETHINGS just prior to going to print in 2014.

Old Edition

It all made sense at the time.

Logic was the goal but, when it comes to titles and covers, a reader comes to logical conclusions their own way. (I had one reader ask me why I put a leaf on the book. A leaf? Really?)

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Honesty is the best policy, right? A storm was my first impression of what the novel was about and a storm (metaphorically and literally) is what I returned to.

The new two-word title is less ambiguous and allows it to be aligned to the sequel. (It wasn’t a title I work-shopped before. It’s totally new.)

I give you Darkness Awakes.

New Edition

A Sexless Marriage

Five Random Victims

Summer Thunderstorms

Charm Bracelet

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