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NEO-Noir Fiction

(Relating Genres)  #Darkfiction #Psychologicalthriller #Erotica

Discover the Wild Beast inside all of us. All that’s needed to awaken our primal animal is the perfect emotional storm.

Food, water, shelter, sex, self-actualization, sense-of-belonging.

Remove one of the first three and expect death soon afterwards.

Take away the others to experience psychological cohesiveness loosen its grip on this reality.

Here is the moment where sane minds create dissociations – until a dangerous situation exists exactly where and when it shouldn’t.

What’s real beyond a subconscious, self-made lie?

All of it.

Mitchell’s a cameraman who wants to capture the greatest night-lightning photo of all but something else is in the forest with him. There was a strange shape among the trees.

The lightning flashed too quickly to make sense of it.

Surely that wasn’t a murder. Why would that happen there?

Was it a woman?

She was holding her arm upwards, trying to scream. There was a man with her.

No, not murder! Sex. Yes, sex. It was sex. That was pleasure he saw, not pain.

It was a strange kink. Yes, that makes sense. They’d been going at it before he’d arrived with his camera and tripod. He’d simply caught them in the act.

Folks do peculiar things to keep their spark alive.

But where did they go?

They managed to disappear between bolts of lightning. It’s not possible to be there one second and gone the next.

Perhaps they were never there at all.

Humans often see human shapes ahead of any other. No harm was done. None of it was real.

On this side of reality they were nothing more than fleeting shadows. In another though, those shadows had real faces and real mouths that let out real screams.

The chaos always manages to leave a real body behind.

During the previous Summer, a vile creature grew and it hunted innocent victims on the nights of great thunderstorms. There was no blood, no weapon, no trace of anything left behind.

One person saw it all but they kept the disturbing memory hidden from consciousness.

Psychological disturbances aren’t disturbing to the disturbed. They are managed, filed with the rest of the darkness and then forgotten. Normal is subjective anyway, right?

Now, to solve the puzzle, you have to decide which association is best suited for the correct situation. You’ll be given a key, a lock and an assumption. Go!

Hi. I’m Michael Forman, author of SEETHINGS (neo #noirfiction). Thanks for staying on.

I’m excited to have you here. I’ve had a great time bringing MY STORY into the light.

SEETHINGS was at the root of my goal to bring human’s Inner-Beast to the surface of waking-consciousness through love, sex and the rain.

SEETHINGS is deeply confronting, challenging and has an ending you’ll never see coming. You will be shocked.

It’s is available in Paperback and eBook versions. You’re only seconds away from reading SEETHINGS in all it’s diabolical glory!

-Michael Forman (Author)

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Michael has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy  – for the faint-hearted, leave it alone! – Mike M. Roleystone.


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