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What is neo-noir erotica?

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The Darkest Side of Erotica.

Imagine the glowing edge of a razor blade being held to your eye. Your lover proudly displays it in front of you and then turns it so one corner lightly touches your cheek. They move it over your chin, down your throat and along your chest. It doesn’t cut the flesh but the finest hairs tickle as it passes by. You’re not laughing. There’s no room to twitch.

Your lover finds a secret place down below, hovers the blade above you and then places their other hand over your mouth. They whisper, ‘Don’t make a noise now baby.’

Your neck prickles. This wasn’t part of any plan.

Fear comes to mind… but you’re both good at teasing each other, always pushing the limits whenever you’re in the bedroom. As far as you know, this is only an escalation of an existing kink – another test of trust, faith and respect in your growing relationship. Everything has worked out before.

Or did it?

Journeys have destinations too, this could be the end of one. The end of yours!

Neo-noir erotica is edgier than it’s softer counterparts erotica and chick-lit. Happy ever-afters are not guaranteed but torment certainly is. It’s arousing and unsettling. The narrative rarely takes predictable paths.

Justice, righteousness, good over evil, and a love-that-conquers-all doesn’t fit in this genre, not in the more conventional ways anyway. It’s there if you go looking but you’ll need to skew your head sideways to see it. Sex is used to tell a much larger, more deep-seeded story, one that originates from our darker side. It’s the one we rarely show anyone, sometimes not even ourselves. Nevertheless, our darker side wants a happy ever after too.

Back to the story: Was this lover simply using a blade to heighten sexual arousal or was there a scream and bloody mess to be read on the following pages?

Neo-noir erotica goes either direction (and others too) but, unlike the predictability of erotica’s quest to reach the perfect orgasm with the model lover at the most optimum time, expect imperfection and twists just when the fireworks are at their greatest.

When writing SEETHINGS, I purposely lured the reader into my book with a conventional approach to eroticism and then shifted it intentionally until a sinister shadow loomed over the couple’s bed.

Two people, both suffering in their separate lives and relationships decide to make a new adventure of their own. Too many years without love and human touch has left them romantically starved. It’s inevitable that once their signals had been sent, received and understood that they’d sit down to a sexual banquet that they prepared.

Okay, that part’s easy to digest. It allows a writer’s blank page to earn its keep – the story overcomes inertia and a reader is now ready for an extraordinary journey powered by passion and lies.

Theirs is a steamy romance. They feed off their lusts and fears, devouring each other in every way but behaving like naughty schoolchildren all the while. They know what they’re doing is wrong but it’s also very right. It’s what they desperately want – what they absolutely NEED.

Their first encounter was written purely for their tease.

I never wanted Nina and Mitchell to rush this moment. One way to punctuate their pain was to elongate their desire during that initial meeting. If this was to be their last time together then it must also be the best time they’ll ever have, forever. The writing had to be detailed and sublime. 

It’s all about making the moment count, right?

Every word in this chapter was crafted to give a reader clear insight to this couple’s respective needs and emotions – as well as a sweet tingle or two. It flows well and I’m proud of how arousing it turned out to be. My toes curl a little thinking about it now!

But there’s that something else in their little hot nest of love. That shadow I mentioned earlier in this post? It’s there, lurking nearby.

That’s because each of them has dark secrets waiting to be liberated. Some of them are simply shameful, guilt-riddled sexual desires while others are more complex, nurtured by the sweetness of their most hideous nightmares.

All one needs is a razor blade to open the flesh and set them free.



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