When Breaking Up Is The Right Thing To Do.

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Happy Never After.

Breaking up is okayA fairy-tale ends.

No one says Princes and Princesses fall out of love and break up. It’s supposed to be a one way trip when it comes to living in the land of make believe.

The only narrative we’ve ever heard is the one that connects the sweetest of lovers to make them stronger as a duo. The power of two is supposed to be the epitome of existence… not always.

Sometimes the combination is imperfect and it kills. Sometimes death is slow, agonizing and demoralizing.

It’s not the fighting or the silence that gives it away, it’s the constant musing over who does more in the relationship and keeping track of it.

Who does the most cooking, the most cleaning, who brought a washing machine into the relationship, plans all the holidays, initiates sex, shows affection, talks about the future, shares more feelings – input credits that one partner can use to buy themselves a moral high ground.

It’s not the end though. This is only a sign.

Oh no, there’s more to be done, much more to endure before a couple-in-crisis closes the book on their fracturing fairy-tale.

Love martyrs and dedicated romantics will try every trick before accepting failure, even if it means hiding the truth from themselves. Excuses will be made so that the inevitable is delayed, pushed so far back that it can’t be seen again.

If only we knew that this isn’t possible.

Sometimes the happiest tale told is the one that includes the words ‘walk away.’

Breaking up is tragic.

It’s like death. A piece of us will die and it won’t ever be resurrected again. We fear death, even love’s own demise. The fear is so great it convinces us of many absurdities, like staying together to stop death in its tracks.

It is a fool who chooses torture over death.

Let the relationship die. Bury it. Walk away. Let it go. Draw in a deep breath and then take a step away from it’s grave… and then another. Soon, you’ll turn around and not look back.

Things won’t be the same again, this is true.

That’s the point.

More than likely, it’ll get better.

Break ups happen. They really do. They’re a natural part of life. Love hurts and that’s a fact. The good must go with the bad. If we’re to believe that the tapestry of life isn’t just made up of our favourite colours we must allow all of its opposites to have their place in our life too.

Walking away is okay.

We should be allowed to embrace The End without guilt.

SEETHINGS is about long-term love too. It’s about two proud characters who once loved well but became love-martyrs in order to endure their endless ending.

Enjoy your SEETHINGS journey. Like love, it has the potential to gently torment a reader… but it certainly won’t disappoint. – Michael (Author SEETHINGS)


Michael has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy  – for the faint-hearted, leave it alone! – Mike M. Roleystone.
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